Bandsaw machines (vertical, column and knee type)

Circular saw machines

Cutting tools (band saw blades and disks)

Roller tables

Plasma cutting machines

Laser cutting machines

The operating principle of any bandsaw machine is to cut a workpiece fixed on the bed with a teethed circular blade. These machines are very popular among manufacturers for their advantages.

Key advantages of the bandsaw machines:Станок

  • high sawing speed;
  • precise cut and materials economy;
  • no sparks while sawing;
  • suits for sawing large workpieces;
  • shape and bevel cut;
  • safety for the operator;
  • low noise level.

Bandsaw machines are found useful at production that require high sawing accuracy of similar workpieces and minimum errors.

If you are looking for Russian-made bandsaw machines, you can buy them at our factory in Moscow. You can find many pieces of industrial equipment in out catalogue: machines, instruments, storage systems and accessories for production.

We produce bandsaw machines for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large industrial enterprises. Our products include manual, semi-automatic, and CNC machines. The manufacture and sale of band sawing machines in Moscow at affordable prices from the manufacturer involve manufacturing of machines on special order.

Iron racks for storage of metals and rolled metal (mainly for metal pieces, sheet metal, bars, etc.)

Enterprises of all sizes, ranging from small workshops to industrial giants, keep raw materials and finished products in stock.

Safety regulations require proper maintenance of the production room. The ergonomics of the production room are also essential for the continuous turnover of raw materials and products.

We recommend buying Russian-made iron storage racks at the initial stages of activity. It is much more convenient to start building the logistics link from your warehouse to establish continuous production with high efficiency.

Equipping the warehouse with metal racks:Стеллаж

  • minimizes the storage area of raw materials and finished products;
  • prevents deterioration of goods;
  • saves time when searching across the shelves;
  • reduces the injury risk at the production site.

You can buy an iron rack for storing materials with delivery in our company. On request, we can further modify the finished structure depending on the area and configuration of the warehouse. Racks are suitable for installation in a store, living quarters, or a garage. We deliver to any address requested by the customer.


The Company’s philosophy is to encourage technical innovation and serve Motherland by developing the industry. Our commitment is to provide our clients with high-end products and technical services.

Production and sale of bandsaw, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting, and other machines

Design, manufacturing and author’s supervision of custom equipment

Reverse engineering We produce analogues of existing equipment or reproduce the design documentation according to your sample



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